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Math shouldn't be confusing. And neither should teaching it.

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I don't get it!

Possibly the most frustrating word for any math teacher - or parent - to hear. You've tried and tried to explain the concepts, but it's just not connecting. And you're not sure what to do next.

Enter MathLight.

Sometimes students just need to hear a concept explained again - and again - before it sinks in. Other times hearing the topic explained in a different way will do the trick.

With just one of you and twenty of them, that's not so easy. But when you add MathLight videos to the mix, suddenly it's not so overwhelming.

Expert math teacher Rick Scarfi teaches each concept by video. His explanations have helped hundreds of students grasp even the most complex mathematical concepts. And now you'll see your students experiencing those light bulb moments as well.

Each MathLight unit contains quick review videos for each lesson that quickly summarize the main concepts and remind students how to work the problems. With an average playtime of 2-3 minutes, these videos are so versatile you’ll soon be using them everywhere. And we won’t be too surprised if you find yourself pretty much falling in love with them.

Your Instructor

Rick Scarfi
Rick Scarfi

Rick Scarfi, the voice & genius behind MathLight’s teaching videos, is a veteran math teacher of over 30 years. One of his biggest strengths (as you will soon see) is his uncanny ability to explain complex mathematical topics in a way that students easily understand.

Not only does Rick have the intangible ability to make challenging concepts appear simple, but he also pioneered the concept of math notes, another fantastic feature you’ll experience in MathLight.

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do I get when I join?
You get access to all of the teaching and quick review videos in the MathLight Pre Algebra curriculum. If you take a look at the curriculum, you can see what's included. We're adding more videos all the time as we work to complete the full curriculum.
How can my students access these videos?
We hope to make this easy for you by providing a few options. First, you have our permission to download the videos and re-upload them to your Google Classroom or other class website. We just ask that you link to our website when you do so. You can also have your students create their own individual accounts here on Teachable. There's no charge, and then they can access all the videos anytime in an organized format.
Do you have any other resources that go with these videos?
Absolutely! One of the best features of MathLight is that the videos are fully integrated with the rest of the curriculum. You can purchase each unit's resources individually or save by purchasing the full curriculum. Each unit includes: *The accompanying fillable student notes that you see in the videos. *Differentiated practice exercises for each concept *Unit review & quick review videos *Editable assessments *Answer keys for everything We're also working to add more activities as well. You can find them all here:
Is it really free?
Yes! All of the Pre Algebra videos are 100% free. If you'd like, you may purchase the accompanying resources (student notes, practice exercises, assessments, and more). We think you'll love them! But you are under absolutely no obligation to pay anything at any time.

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